838 Main Street Monroe, CT 06468 Tollgate Plaza

Classroom Etiquette

•Students should be punctual and have consistent attendance.

•Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will be asked to observe class. This is to protect their bodies from injury as warm-up is important if not vital.

•If you are going to miss a class please call us at 203-268-1200 ahead of time so that we may inform the teacher.

•Respect teachers by giving them your full attention during class and thanking them after class.

•No talking during class, dancers are expected to attend class with respectful, positive and energetic attitudes.

•No running, horseplay or dancing in the lobby. Respect others by keeping the lobby clean and voices down.

•No street shoes allowed on the dance floors.

•Do not touch the mirrors or glass doors.

•Always be respectful and supportive of teachers and your fellow students by not speaking of them in a negative fashion.

•Practicing and rehearsing outside of class time accelerates the learning process.

•No parents are allowed in the classroom, only during parent observation weeks.

•Any problems with classes, teachers or students should be brought up to Judy or Tammy and not handled personally by any parent or student.

•Please Be Aware NY Teachers Need To Be Driven to the train after the last class of the evening, so dancers must be picked up promptly.