is a true beginner ballet class. The children are taught the French terminology from the beginning. All of the work is performed in a natural 1st and 2nd position or parallel. The class is performed in the center, which enables the children to work on balance and body awareness.


Ballet classes continue to build on the basic skills taught in Pre-ballet. Class encompass a broad range of styles with an emphasis placed on correct alignment without straining, gripping, or tensing the upper body.


Pointe class is offered to students who have a good understanding of basic ballet technique and are physically strong enough to participate. The class focuses on proper alignment and helping students to build strength and confidence on pointe.


Int. Ballet M 415 515 Alli
Adv. Ballet M 615 745 Alli
Ballet III Tu 400 500 Kevin
Int. Ballet Tu 500 600 Kevin
Adv. Ballet Tu 600 715 Kevin
Ballet V Tu 715 815 Kevin
Ballet V W 400 500 Kelsey
Int. Ballet W 400 500 Susie
Ballet III W 500 600 Kelsey
Ballet I W 600 700 Kelsey
Adv. Ballet W 645 745 Susie
Int. Pointe Th 415 515 Kevin
PrePointe Th 515 615 Kevin
Teen Ballet Sa 900 1000 Meghan
Tiny Tutus Sa 1000 1045 Meghan